Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors to determine matters which, in the judgment of the Chairman of the Board, do not warrant convening a special meeting of the Board but should not be postponed until the next scheduled meeting of the Board
Programs Committee

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of AAB Charlotte's monthly events. In order to bring a successful lineup, members of the committee will have responsibilities such as choosing the speakers for the monthly events, organizing a sub-committee for the annual gala, advertising events and recruiting volunteers. This committee works closely with the board of directors to organize all events for the organization.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee and assists the Newsletter Editor and Web master in policy matters related to the newsletter and web site.  The committee members advise and assist meeting organizers with the publication of the proceedings of the organization’s meetings, act as the liaison between the organization and published journals, their editors and publishers, as directed by the Board, and consider, evaluate and recommend for board action other publishing activities that promote the aims and image of the organization and or benefit its members.  Each member serves a two-year term on the committee, with half the members rotating off each year 

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee's mission is to communicate with our community (students, members, non-members and staff) and to foster dialog on significant issues. The primary role is to identify effective ways (e.g. email, forums, Web, CPJ and other media) to communicate. 

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee is composed of experienced business professionals who have volunteered to mentor with practice-related problems or questions not discussed in school. These may include issues such as communication problems with clients, office management skills, professional and ethical issues, time management strategies, as well as specific issues related to that mentor's areas of expertise. Those in the beginning of their business career seeking the help may call or email

Philanthropy Committee

The Philanthropy Committee strives to engender a philanthropic spirit within the AAB Charlotte membership by supporting meaningful traditions and fostering original service initiatives. We aim to be a valuable philanthropic resource to the business community by service-related projects.  In doing so, the Philanthropy Committee seeks both to give the opportunity to develop and implement their own philanthropic initiatives, and to strengthen AAB Charlotte traditions.  By supporting such innovation we encourage all to make a lasting impact on the community, and to promote the ideals of ‘service’ and ‘giving back’.  Additionally, we seek to connect members with broader charitable interests, enabling those who wish to extend their philanthropic impact throughout the Carolinas and beyond.  We support service in all its various forms, from events and groups, to starting conversations and raising awareness.