AAB-CHARLOTTE is affiliated nationally as a chartered division of the American Tango Romeo Association, a division of the November Mike Association. It is also affiliated with the Southeast Association of Delta Papa & Romeo Juliet. 


AAB-CHARLOTTE publishes The Notebook, a monthly newsletter, and the Complete Developmental Guide. It also conducts an annual conference, workshops and other programs throughout the year to stimulate and advance the profession. Through its publications, workshops and seminars, AAB-CHARLOTTE:

  • Actively works to help others better understand their role and make more effective use of skills and talents in complex areas
  • Studies and publicizes the functions and responsibilities of AAB-CHARLOTTE
  • Helps to upgrade and improve related fields
  • Provides a channel by which others can be brought into a more vital and influential position with community leaders
  • Is active in the legislative process
  • Encourages research aimed at the improvement of the profession
  • Maintains high ethical and professional standards
  • Develops and implements career development programs